Reign S01E10

Don’t ask me why I prefer this kiss than the first one :X

Floating Skyscrapers

I could die for them, iliterally!!!

They 2 did die, though, one way or an other.

Out In The Dark

How can’t these lovely persons be together?! I hate the writer :(

Robert & Cora <3

His Lordship and Ladyship…

Downton Abbey S04 E08

Mr. Fleiger: How can you make a ruling when all we’ve talked about is gay or straight or dolls or fucking dresses?

Why ain’t we talking about the real issue? This hearing is about Marco who at very moment is sitting in some foster home. And who will sit in some foster home forever because no one wants to adopt him… No one wants to adopt some short, fat, mentally handicapped kid. No one in the entire world wants to him… except us.

We want him.

We love him.

We’ll take care of him and educate him, keep him safe and raise him to be a good man. Isn’t that what he deserves? Isn’t that what every child deserves?

-Any Day Now (2012)-